A word from Chloe
Beauty, for me, is not about being perfect. It is about living a life free from attachments.

I spent so many years of my life striving to be perfect in my mind and body that at times, my own harsh judgment of myself prevented me from moving forward with ease and flow.

I Am Beauty was founded from a space of wanting to support and nurture people towards a path of holistic wellness which embraces accountability, consistency, and responsibility. I Am Beauty is designed to support, empower and encourage men & women to ignite their fire within by realizing that our beauty is absolute, and it is truly not defined by our physical being, but our fire. The best way to honour that fire is to love ourselves completely, wholly, and without limitations.

We feel good when we live, when we laugh and when we love. Ourselves and others. It isn’t defined by a number on the scale or the size of our jeans. It’s defined in our fearlessness and the energy that we are.

I Am Beauty’s authenticity is found in my own vulnerability and willingness to share, and so, I embrace who I am and what I have been blessed with naturally. In every sense; physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally, over perfection.

It has taken me some time, but I recognise that I Am Beauty - my whole self - and so that is my mantra to help push through any challenge. My purpose is to now help others become fearless leaders of their own wellness and happiness.

Come find your fire with me.
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Our Story

I Am Beauty is a manifesto of praise, courage and honesty for everyone ready to step out of their comfort zone into a lighter life filled with mental clarity and energy, living a life free of attachments. We embrace every kind of beauty, but especially one that pays tribute to a life that connects the mind, body & soul through all cycles of living.

I Am Beauty was founded in 2020 by Chloe Machin. Her passion, energy, confidence, light, generosity, and commitment to help create positive change in herself and her clients is what I Am Beauty is all about.

Chloe’s vision is to champion and celebrate the beauty inside and out of us all. Just like Chloe, and each and every client she helps, I Am Beauty is nurturing, but is also fearless.

Our Purpose

I Am Beauty helps to reset the body and mind with a holistic philosophy around beauty, combined with the right tools and products to achieve our health goals. It’s for simply anyone who feels like they need to stop and change something in their life. The truth is, everyone has that personal fire in them – we just help them find it and give them the right fuel.

Our Philosophy

Beauty is absolute. It is not one thing or another. It’s everything. The whole. Complete. The soul and the shell. The inside and out. Yesterday, today, tomorrow. It is not someone’s opinion. Not pointed out and decided upon. My awkward nose. Your pixie ears. My tiger stripes. Your hips. All beauty. Sarah’s roaring laughter. Her lanky legs and crooked smile. The softness of her soul. All beauty. My skin and kin. Our fabulous flaws, imperfections and magnificent quirks. It’s all beauty.

Evelyn is beauty, Alkira is beauty, Sophia is beauty and I Am Beauty.

This Philosophy and Protocol give you the tools to help you to see it. To recognise it, embrace and celebrate it. You’ll find it in your strength, you’ll find it in your fearlessness. You’ll find it when you pause and reset. You’ll find it when you smile. You’ll find it when you breathe again.

So look for it. Because when you do, you’ll find your fire. And that fire is you. That fire is your beauty.
Let’s fuel it together. Nurture its flame with the right nourishment. And let it burn beautifully.


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