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Article: Embracing Our Inner Radiance: A Pro-Aging Journey

Embracing Our Inner Radiance: A Pro-Aging Journey

Forget the fountain of youth – the new wave of beauty is about cultivating inner and outer radiance. It's about nurturing your well-being at every stage.
At I Am Beauty, this philosophy lies at the heart of everything I do.

But my own journey wasn't always so pro-aging.
For a decade, I followed the conventional path, starting anti-wrinkle injections at the tender age of 29. While the initial results were undeniably appealing, a nagging doubt persistent - plus, those occasional droopy eyelids were a real head-scratcher!

At 39, as I delved deeper into the science of facial fascia and the impact of stress on our appearance, the disconnect between injections and true wellness became clear.  

Anti-wrinkle injections, I discovered, could potentially disrupt the delicate communication between nerves and muscles. This revelation came alongside my dedication to nervous system regulation, immersing myself into learning about the lymphatic system and training with Yakov Gershovich, the renowned creator of the Sculptural Face Lifting technique.

This new understanding ignited my pro-ageing journey. The first step? Saying goodbye to the injections.

Next, I once again turned my attention to the incredible benefits of regular sauna sessions. Having daily access to a sauna is a true luxury, one I don't take for granted, but there was admittedly a time when I was more concerned with my anti-wrinkle injections wearing off faster than future neuro-protection. 

Studies have shown a powerful link between frequent sauna use and improved neurological and cardiovascular health, even reducing the risk of Alzheimer's and heart disease. The choice was simple: a few lines and wrinkles paled in comparison to long-term well-being.

This commitment to embracing a pro-ageing mindset was further solidified by a personal encounter with a pre-cancerous growth just shy of 40. 

While I was diligent about protecting my face with SPF 50+, because let's face it, glowing skin is a confidence booster!, my body sunscreen habits were less consistent.  

This experience served as a stark reminder of the importance of sun protection for the entire body.

Enter Sontsé, a kindred spirit in the world of holistic beauty and wellness. 

Founded by Jayde Houndalas with a mission to promote sun safety and a healthy glow through sunless tanning, Sontsé's philosophy aligns perfectly with mine. 

Jayde's dedication to high-quality, organic products empowers sun-lovers to achieve a radiant complexion without compromising health or accelerating ageing through sun damage.

As a special offer to I Am Beauty subscribers, Sontsé is extending a 30% discount on their entire UV-Free Tanning range.  

I am always raving about the Golden Hour Self-Tan Mousse and Sun-Lit Face & Body Tanning Mist, as it's the most natural and beautiful looking faux tan you'll ever experience. 

Pro-aging isn't about chasing youth; it's about celebrating our natural beauty at every stage, while prioritizing well-being for a vibrant and luminous future.  

Join me next month for a deeper dive into my complete pro-aging beauty routine where I’ll also reveal what beauty treatment I now swear for facial rejuvenation akin to anti-wrinkle injections!