Martin Pannan

OCCUPATION: Chief Operation Officer of I Am Beauty 
TREATMENT: 50 Days Active Reset Protocol

How did you hear about I Am Beauty?

My wife began her personal wellness journey 2 years ago.

She accomplished globally recognized qualifications in non-invasive holistic wellness and beauty practices.

Then, proceeded to lose 22kg using our formulated and TGA-approved supplement and nutritional program… now known as the I Am Beauty Reset Protocol. She has been passionately building the company ever since to help others find their fire as she did.

What inspired and or drove you to try the Reset Protocol?

My wife’s accomplishments and success.

What were you hoping to achieve?

I didn’t have any real objective or outcome… I tried the Reset Protocol in support of my wife and became an advocate and fan of what she had created… because it actually works.

What support did you receive during your journey?

I received the support of Chloe herself. Which helped me enormously.

The one thing I found to be super important was organization and setting me up to win.

Chloe had all Protocol foods stocked in the fridge and ready to be made.

She removed all “old habit” sweet foods, carbs and alcohol from our environment and gave me a 1.5 liter water bottle to fill twice daily and be sure to drink from and finish. Being male I was on the Active Protocol, so my supplements were broken down into morning and lunch times for simplicity and once I got into the routine of it, I found it pretty simple to follow.

Did you have any concerns about being able to follow the protocol and dietary requirements, and daily food preparations? 

100%. I’m a bloke and was definitely worried about being hungry. Also, the food tasting good.

Preparations were also a concern.. what was I going to substitute for pasta?

Incredibly, I found the food tasted excellent. Chloe had mastered the flavors with spices and fresh herbs and I did not feel like I was missing out on any textures or feelings of warmth and satisfaction.

Regarding hunger; 3 meals a day and 175g of protein took an initial shift in my perceptions because I hadn’t lived like this before… I would normally just eat when I was hungry. I found the meals plentiful and fresh. The first week was the most challenging as I was detoxing and had cravings for all the naughty foods I didn’t realize were also the cause of my belly and sluggish energy levels.

What did you find the hardest?

I was on the Active Plan consuming 175g of protein 3 times a day. I was not used to the higher intake of protein in the mornings which I found difficult the first week. Also, I was used to eating sweet treats each night as a form of habit… not eating them for the first week was super challenging, yet super rewarding once I pushed through the initial cravings of old habits.

What improvements have surprised you?

The mental clarity and increase in energy seriously surprised me.

I expected the weight loss having seen it on my wife, but not the restful sleeping and other hidden benefits. The greatest thing I personally gained was willpower. I used to eat anything I wanted, and being 45 this went straight onto my waist. Once I realized the chicken parmy and fries with a few beers, whilst in the moment felt good, were actually detrimental to my overall performance… I had a big wake-up call. Being able to say no to instant “hit” foods in order to feel great long-term was massive for me. This shift in willpower of unconscious eating then moved into other areas of my life. I thought If I could say no to deserts each night… I could also make major changes in other areas.. which I have. I am also frequently told… and not just by my wife, I look 10 years younger. A compliment, I’m very happy to receive.

How has the protocol transformed your life and day lifestyle?

It’s transformed all parts of my life.

I now rise early every day. Except for Sundays. And exercise, because I can see definition in my core again and am inspired to find those elusive abdominals I’ve been searching for. Cutting out the sugars has stopped energy spikes and crashes, and dropping back on alcohol is pretty obvious.. no hangovers and emotional ups and downs after the night out. I’m training more on the bike and substituting short-term cravings for long-term desires with confidence and consistency.

What was your “go-to” Protocol Recipe?


1 Pink Lady apple first thing, to get the metabolism fired up.. then, 2 boiled eggs with a side of cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, organic apple cider vinegar.. salt, and pepper! Oh, and a long black. Love it.

Stewed Apple dessert with cinnamon and orange of an evening is amazing also.

Did you support your protocol journey with any of the studio treatments?

I did 2 weekly relaxation Sauna treatments which always felt sensational.

Words of advice for people who are doubtful or hesitant about starting the Reset Protocol

If you are committed to making a change in your life and are fed up with unsustainable fads, then this truly works.

I would have been really skeptical if Chloe had not led the charge and proved to be the new way of life.

The benefits are truly incredible once you commit and learn about your own body and what nutritional elements work and don’t work… The Protocol is an educational journey for people who want more from themselves and more from life.

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