ResEt Protocol Q&A

We have created a Reset Protocol Q&A below which covers the most frequently asked questions

The Reset Protocol is a 100% natural lifestyle & weight loss solution that helps you transform and take control of your body and mind by uncovering the foods that work best for you by eliminating those that cause inflammation and weight gain.

The Reset Protocol allows you to discover your unique blueprint to understand your body’s specific needs whilst increasing your energy, well-being, and immunity.

  • Weight Loss
  • Increase in mental clarity
  • Boosted Energy
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Detox & De-bloat
  • Better sleep quality
  • Regulate blood sugars
  • Boost your immune system
  • Increase absorption of nutrients

Over a 25 or 50-day period, you consume food that are non-inflmmatory, high in protein & low in calories all whilst taking our Australian-made, all-natural, TGA-approved supplement formulation.

Chapter 1: Reset – 2 Days

Load your body with foods that are high in natural fats for 2 days to build up your fat stores.

Say goodbye to your naughty favorite too while preparing your body to reset, cleanse & detox.

Chapter 2: Refuel – 21 Days

Eat from our Protocol approved food list provided in the Protocol Guide whilst taking our Reset supplement formulation.

All foods have been specifically chosen and researched for our Reset Protocol for the low inflammation & fat-burning properties.

Stick to the Reset Protocol and allow for the transformation to begin.

Transition to Chapter 3 – 2 days

Continue to eat Chapter 2 Reset Foods.

Stop taking the Reset supplement formulation whilst you transition to Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Reignite – Min. 21 days

You are now reaping the rewards of your body & mind Reset.

Find your foods for life and embrace your new way of life and living for good.

Stabilize and keep the weight off by introducing your foods for life.

Our formulation is 100% Australian-made, all-natural, hormone-free & made up of a powerful combination of essential and nonessential amino acid isolates, herbs, and Therapeutic Medicine.

Tested to Australia’s highest pharmaceutical standards.

  • Reduce Adipose fat stores
  • Maintain your healthy fats
  • Build and maintain lean muscle mass

Our specifically formulated Reset supplement targets the stubborn adipose fat stores in your hips, stomach, and thighs.

We have included 8 muscle-building amino acids because the growth and maintenance of lean muscle are crucial for controlling your weight.

The supplement formulation is exactly the same – so it comes down to personal preference.

Drops:10 drops x 3 x daily
Capsules:1 capsule daily

Active Female & Male
You must take the capsules
2 x capsules x daily

25 day Standard & Active 5-7kg
50 day Standard & Active 15-17kg

**Your results after the weight control program will vary depending on your individual circumstances and how much you have to lose

The Reset Protocol supplement range starts from AUD$140.

Our most popular bundle is the 25-day Reset Protocol Bundle which costs AUD$210 and includes everything you need to Reset *excl. recipe book.

Standard Reset Protocol Bundle with capsules

Standard Reset Protocol Bundle with drops

Active Reset Protocol Bundle with capsules

Protein intake (weight) and daily protein consumption.

**Rate of weight loss may be slightly slower on the Active Protocol

Please note that all men must follow the Active Reset Protocol
Please note that all men & Active women must take the Capsules.

The Standard Reset Protocol:
The Standard Protocol requires no exercise at all but we encourage daily movement for mental health benefits and to access behavioral changing techniques and new routines.


  • You eat 2 x 100g protein meals daily with 3 cups of Protocol approved vegetables
  • 2 x Protocol-approved fruits
  • Water, coffee & tea

The Active protocol is for those who enjoy a minimum of 30 mins high-intensity training 3-4 times a week.


  • You eat 3 x 150g protein meals daily with 3 cups of Protocol approved vegetables
  • 2 x Protocol-approved fruits
  • Water, coffee & tea


  • You eat 3 x 175g protein meals daily with 3 cups of Protocol approved vegetables
  • 2 x Protocol-approved fruits
  • Water, coffee & tea

All of the above are shelved during Chapter 2 of the Reset Protocol (21 days)

Remember that if nothing changes, nothing changes!

No, we don’t count calories.

Your calorie intake will depend on your approved food choices during the Reset.

We give you the tools and techniques, a list of approved foods, spices and weigh allowance. You are then free and encouraged to mix and match the approved produce and ingredients as you like. Tranformation starts when we take responsibility.

Yes! We equip you with the best tools and techniques for a complete body transformation in our Reset Philosophy & Protocol Guide. Complimentary with purchase.

There is no meal plan per se – but we have developed a recipe book to help and inspire you on your Reset journey.

It can be purchased on our website and costs AUD$25

We are here to help, so just reach out!

We also provide you with a tracking calender to stick on the fridge.

Yes! All Re-setters are invited to join our closed Reset community group on Facebook.

It’s a safe place to share, celebrate the wins, and look for encouragement and support on tough days.

Anyone over 18 years of age can participate, and if you suffer from any of the below, please consult a healthcare practitioner beforehand.

  1. Diabetes

  2. An under-active thyroid, or no thyroid

  3. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

  4. Graves disease / Hashimoto’s

  5. High Blood Pressure


  7. Food intolerances or allergies

If you experience anxiety disorders, food disorders, and/or depression and use anti-depressants to treat any of these, we kindly prompt you to speak to your GP or a healthcare practitioner before changing your routine.

Congratulations on your pregnancy and/or your newborn.

If you like, we’re happy to support you post-pregnancy after you have stopped nursing and your GP has confirmed that your body is ready for the reset.

In the meantime, please enjoy this special time

You amaze me, Mumma.

No information offered by I Am Beauty PTY LTD should be construed as medical advice. For advice regarding any medical concerns, consult your medical or health practitioner.

Don’t fret if still have more questions. Simply text the I Am Beauty Wellness Team on 0499 330 003 and we will arrange a 15-minute complimentary consultation call with Chloe so she can guide you through any additional Reset questions you might have.

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