The protocol

Introduction to the reset protocol

This is your opportunity to do something beautiful & extraordinary for you and only you. They say that your health is your greatest wealth and we truly believe this to be so true. Take this opportunity to move forward with a new & renewed purpose. Fresh goals and life ideals. More balance & more energy. New fuel and new confidence.

standard protocol

The standard protocol is designed for those not exercising and those who enjoy light activities such as walking, yoga, and pilates to keep up strength and toning. You receive all the tools and techniques needed for a peaceful Reset with your purchase. Our protocol booklet covers everything you could possible need and more.

Active protocol

Suitable for men and women who are on the go and undertake high-intensity exercise 4 – 5 times a week
Active Protocol users ‘must take the capsules’ and will find them more convenient. You receive all the tools and techniques needed for a peaceful Reset with your purchase. Our protocol booklet covers everything you could possible need and more.

The Reset Protocol

To start your journey message us for the digital version of the I Am Beauty Reset Protocol

Food to fuel your fire

Our mission and value is to see and help you succeed in every aspect of your Reset which is why we have brought some of our favourite home-cooked meals to life for you. All of our recipes and meals are based on 3 core principles: fresh & vibrant produce, snappy cooking times and flavour satisfaction.

the community

Join our community

The I Am Beauty Community includes all of those who have decided to press RESET in their lives and join the Reset Protocol Journey. We share the tools, products, and guidance to help you find your fire.


What Our Community Says

I found I Am Beauty through my wife. Chloe and her achieved incredible results for our wedding - it piqued my interest. I considered my diet to be 'pretty good' but had put on a few sneaky kilograms and was in search of something to kick-start me back to feeling comfortable in my clothes. I Am Beauty delivered. I combined the Reset protocol with regular sauna sessions. I loved the variety of recipes and hit the sauna most afternoons after the gym - an incredible way to wind down and look after the self. I've lost 7kg using the Active Protocol and have decided to continue for an extra week as I am thoroughly enjoying the self - accountability.
25 day Reset Protocol
I've just completed the Reset Protocol and couldn't be happier. I'm feeling amazing! Sleeping incredibly well for the first time in years, with increased energy, and have lost 5kgs. The recipes are absolutely delicious and easy to follow and at no time did I feel at all hungry or bored with my options. Chloe was super helpful and responsive to any questions I had during the Reset and was such a pleasure to chat to. I can't recommend the reset highly enough. It works for weight loss and an overall feeling of wellness.
25 day Reset Protocol
As a busy mum to a 2-year old I've felt exhausted, sleep-deprived and my self-care routine has been non-existent. I reached out to Chloe and asked if the Reset Protocol would be suitable for me and she explained all 3 chapters and all the benefits of the Reset. I felt super supported and decided to give it a go - i especially love the fact that the supplement is hormone-free and all natural. I feel like "me again" and my skin has a lovely glow again. I now avoid mindless snacking and picking at my baby girl's food. I feel confident in recommending the Reset to anyone who needs a boost.
25 day Reset Protocol
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