Jessy Marshall

OCCUPATION: Director of boutique PR Agency Hive HQ 
TREATMENT: 25 Day Standard Reset Protocol

How did you hear about I Am Beauty?

My agency was initially located in the same building as I Am Beauty and I introduced myself to Chloe during a building fire drill ha! We then hosted an event with Chloe at I Am Beauty where Chloe and I formed an amazing relationship.

I ended up (prior to lockdown) coming into I Am Beauty Studio for regular RF treatments + sauna sessions and sauna sessions are now a part of my regular wellness routine.

What inspired and or drove you to try the Reset Protocol?

I was getting married in November of 2021 and finding it difficult to shift weight, Chloe mentioned the Reset Protocol and encouraged me to give it a go. 

Naturally, I am a curvy person and whilst I love my curves, I was carrying extra weight (and have concerns just like anyone does) and I was finding that I was making excuses as to why I couldn’t shift the weight.

Excuses included that I was too stressed and busy to put myself first, found it hard to make time for nutrition, whenever I did a ‘diet’ I hated the food and reverted back to old habits. I have areas of my body that I have always been hung up on and never really stuck to anything or noticed results fast enough to want to continue.

I thought the 25-day reset program would be perfect to trial and I am so glad I did. I am hooked and have never loved my body more. It really was the ultimate pre-wedding gift to myself!

What were you hoping to achieve?

Overall, I just wanted to feel good and love my body!

I never imagined I would stick to it, or achieve the results I did, I was blown away by what happened.

I was very skeptical to begin but within 7 days I started seeing huge changes. 

I felt the clearest I have ever felt, this was something that Chloe said to me would happen, again I didn’t completely understand what she meant but now I can truly understand.

I felt energized, super clear, and noticed my body change nearly daily – I felt so good that I kept going and essentially ended up doing the 50 day Reset Protocol.

On day one I weighed in at 75.5kgs and I dropped down to 61.3kgs which was a loss of 14.2kgs!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would lose that much and feel so good. I still have my curves, I have a better understanding of my body and how to fuel it plus I have a newfound motivation of listening to what my body needs and how it feels when it is at its best! 

What support did you receive during your journey?

SO MUCH! Chloe and the I Am Beauty team held my hand every step.

Any question, any time they were there. Whether I was questioning a spice or snack, or whether I needed a gentle push to stay committed they answered every question quickly + provided me with knowledge.

Being an active girl on the go, did you have any concerns about being able to follow the protocol and dietary requirements, and daily food preparations?

We were in Lockdown no 2 at the time – a blessing or a curse I am unsure.

It meant I didn’t have the social aspect to consider such as going to a breakfast meeting or an event but it did mean I couldn’t enjoy all the takeaway foods available which on occasion I did miss. I must admit that I was hugely motivated to be coming out of lockdown feeling super healthy, happy and a couple of dress sizes down

(Although what kept me strong was counting down the days and seeing the results)

If ever I was tempted to have a bite of something not approved, I reminded myself why I was doing the reset and what I wanted to achieve by doing it. This mindset really motivated me to stay strong.

Generally speaking, I find that being active in terms of profession and lifestyle, is also a good thing as it keeps you busy and not always thinking about what you are or when you are eating, however the food recipes that the I Am Beauty team has created is easy and has so much variety. I would say I can be quite a picky eater but always found something to keep me satisfied and I love that the recipes didn’t keep me in the kitchen for hours which is something I don’t enjoy.

What did you find the hardest?

To be honest, I felt so energized and determined given you see movement most days, this helped me to keep steadfast. When it reached that time of the month, as this is the time you can stall a little, that was the only time I felt challenged. Otherwise the recipes and approved items you can have e.g. Jelly Lite helped me to beat any cravings! 

How has the protocol transformed your life and day lifestyle?

I am now so much more aware of what my body likes and dislikes and I know the feeling of having energy and not feeling lethargic or bloated. This has helped me to ensure that when I do have a day where I am not feeling my best I relook at what it was that could have triggered that feeling and I just return to my reset learnings.

I now really listen to my body and how it reacts. 

What was your “go-to” Protocol Recipe?

The Zoodle Bolognese and the Tumeric Chicken Curry Soup!

if I wanted something fresh, I whipped up the Lettuce Cup Beef Tacos. The Reset is all about simple, quick, easy meals… you can easily cook without the recipe book once you get the hang of it but having the recipes on hand to start made everything so much easier.

Did you support your protocol journey with any of the studio treatments?

Eventually, I started the program in lockdown, Chapter 3’s reignition and maintenance phase is when I restarted my studio and sauna sessions which were perfect.

I would have loved to combine them and would definitely combine body treatments + sauna sessions next time!

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