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the Treatment Studio

The I Am Beauty Studio is a suite of holistic beauty treatments, designed to embrace and define each person’s individual beauty ideals. From, sauna treatments and radio frequency skin tightening, to ultrasound body contouring and collagen boosting RF facials, our I Am Beauty Studio treatments are tailored to find the balance in your body and the peace in your mind.

The sauna

Detox your body, relax your mind, boost your immunity, recover faster, strengthen your heart and renew your skin with chromotherapy.

Our sauna is a sanctuary of peace and the perfect environment to reset and re-energize.

Choose from a selection of six full-spectrum wellness programs: if you would like to preselect your treatment preference please make a note when booking and we will make sure the sauna is preheated & ready for you when you arrive at the studio.

The sauna pass is valid for 3 months from 1st visit.

Anti-aging - 30 min

Assists in Improving overall skin tone, elasticity, and firmness

Weight loss - 30 min
Stimulates the cardiovascular system by increasing the heart rate, cardiac output & metabolic rate similar to exercise.
*Clinically proven to burn 600 calories
Pain Relief - 30 min

Provides pain relief by reducing inflammation and swelling while promoting cellular repair.

Detoxification - 37 min

Increases the body’s core temperature and improves vascular access flow to reach toxins at the cellular level

Relaxation - 40 min

Deep relaxation relieves muscle tension & promotes overall stress reduction.

Cardiovascular - 45 min

Increases the heart rate and cardiac output, circulation and promotes healthy blood pressure.


Enjoy the healing benefits of light and colour with our in-sauna chromotherapy. Light therapy helps balance the body’s energy wherever it is lacking and benefits physical, emotional, mental & spiritual healing.

Sauna Etiquette

Hydrate sufficiently before your sauna treatment to prepare your body for an increase in core temperature.

Feel free to remove your bra or top to allow for improved lymphatic flow if you wish, but we kindly ask that you keep your undergarment on & sit on the towels provided inside the sauna.

Feel free to rest your legs up against the sauna wall and into the Viparita Karani pose whilst lying down, to calm the nervous system and lower stress and anxiety.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t sweat during the first few sessions. The infrared heat’s your core which in turn intensifies your body’s ability to sweat more deeply and detoxify on a cellular level. Our sauna can reach toxins trapped in layers of fat and release these through vibrational energy.

Sweating will increase with regular use, removing toxins and leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Shower immediately after your sauna to remove toxins so they are not reabsorbed.

Towels & shower amenities are complimentary to our guests.

Silent treatment


We exist for you and because of you so we want you to feel completely at ease in our care. For some, self-care means silence.

If this is you, then please let us know in advance and we’ll make sure your appointment is peaceful and quiet.

Feel free to pop your headphones on and unwind to a podcast or your favourite tunes.


What Our Community Says

Having regular treatments with Chloe from I AM BEAUTY has given me the gift of body love this summer. I’ve never wanted to be smaller - more to the point what Chloe achieved for me was the celebration and accentuation of what was already there. I’ve never felt smoother and more toned in my swimwear and figure hugging outfits. Everyone has noticed the difference including my partner. Couldn’t be happier with my results.
8 weeks of Booty Enhancement Treatments
Walking into I Am Beauty I wasn’t sure what treatments I needed or wanted but trusted that Chloe would guide me all the way, and she did. I knew the results I wanted and these were far surpassed! Chloe’s deep knowledge of her offerings and intuitive understanding of what I needed, meant that I felt supported and nurtured through the whole process and could relax and enjoy the whole experience. I’ll be back before next summer!
8 x Scultp, Lift, Tone & Tighten
Chloe Machin has built something extraordinary with her I AM BEAUTY Studio. At once high tech and holistic, the infra red sauna and radio frequency facial I received today have achieved the sort of skin radiance I thought I could only dream of. Can't quite believe this was achieved in only one session! Chloe herself is smart, warm, intuitive and incredibly chic, leaving you feeling 100% the best version of yourself having spent time with her. HIGHLY recommend.
RF Collagen Boosting facial
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